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James Horwitz

Before law school, while James Horwitz was in college at the University of Houston, and later in graduate school, he was a leader in the youth services field for many years developing half-way houses for runaway and throwaway kids in the greater Houston and Texas area. This resulted in his participation in the creation of national legislation that developed the National Runaway Youth Hotline, as well as funding for community centers throughout the United States.office

During law school, also at the University of Houston, James created a number of tax exempt organizations servicing the needs of families in distress in Houston. His experience in working with youth service oriented organizations resulted in his frequent attendance in juvenile court on behalf of children and their families as well as being a resource for juvenile court judges on many cases. Hence his foundation in juvenile, criminal, and family law.

After completing law school more than 40 years ago, James Horwitz built his law firm to serve the community of Houston.

"When I began my legal practice, my opponent hadn't even been born. Experience counts. For forty years, I have represented thousands of clients in estate planning and probate court as well as at all levels of the civil, criminal, family, and juvenile courts in Harris County, Texas, including also a multitude of other jurisdictions in Texas. Wisdom counts. My sound judgment has been gleaned from nearly four decades of work providing assistance to individuals and their families through my dedication to quality, my understanding of the foibles of people, and my understanding of the law."

The experience he has gained from operating his organizations as well as his own law firm for decades has given James Horwitz the unique perspective and sound judgment that we can trust to represent our county.

James Horwitz Family

James Horwitz is married to Deborah Horwitz. They have two sons - Noah and Geoffrey (with his wife Adele and their son Jamie).


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"Democrats should vote for Newman and Horwitz in the upcoming primary contests."
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